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Assured Investments

We have a goal based approach rather than a peer group or bench mark approach. Our team of skilled investment specialists will assist you in designing solutions to deliver the returns needed to meet your lifestyle and security requirements.

Offshore Investments

Offshore Investments provide an opportunity for international exposure and diversification by offering Offshore Endowments and Offshore Flexible Investment Plans. It allows protection against currency weakness and opens up a larger investment universe.

Retirement Annuity

A tax-efficient investment solution to provide a ‘pay cheque’ once you retire. In order to maintain a standard of living that you have been accustomed to, expert planning in this space is essential. Our proficient advisors will proactively guide you in making the right decision and offer solutions to track and grow your investment, helping you to achieve your desired goals.

Endowment Plan

Short term investments allowing partial or full access to your funds. When Saving for a defined need or goal, these solutions provide a certain level of flexibility with effective tax management structures

Living Annuity

A living annuity is a unit trust investment in the name of the retiree, and the investor bears the investment, inflation and longevity risks. Living annuities are more flexible and transparent and allow investors to choose their investment strategy in line with their particular objectives.

Fixed Annuity

A fixed annuity is an insurance contract that guarantees the buyer a fixed interest rate on their contributions for a specific period of time. Fixed annuities are good investments for those interested in premium protection, income for life and low risk.

Preservation Plan

A preservation plan is specifically designed to invest the proceeds of your pension or provident fund in the event of dismissal, retrenchment or resignation to preserve your investment and the tax benefits.

Unit Trust

Unit Trusts cater for all of your goals. They are transparent and well-regulated vehicles that are suited to a wide range of investment objectives and their benefits include professional portfolio management, the ability to diversify a portfolio cost-effectively, relatively low transaction costs and the ability to buy and sell at will

Tax Free Savings

Tax-free investments are a great way to improve your finances. They are also uncomplicated. As opposed to unit trusts, investment in a tax-free investment means your investment returns are exempt from local income tax.

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