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Combining risk management and cash flow management lead to an innovative new offering and we call it Trade My Debtors Book.

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Trade My Debtors Book

Learn how we can assist you to protect yourself against the biggest business risk while also giving you the flexibility to grow your business by trading your debtors book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum invoice/outstanding amount I can trade?

The minimum or outstanding debtor amount is R 100 000.

Do I have to insure and trade all my debtors that owe me? 

No! You have the option to insure and trade a single debtor or a selection of debtors.

Do I have to trade the full invoice/outstanding amount?

No! You have the option to trade up to 85% – 95% of the invoice/outstanding amount.

Can I insure and trade a single invoice?

Yes! We do offer the option to cover and provide draw down on a single invoice. There is a minimum invoice limit of R 500 000 (VAT excluded) though.

Is it expensive to insure and trade my debtors book?

No! Using the Trade my Debtors Book product is the most cost effective way to fund growth and manage business risk. Ask us for a quote!

Do you provide any other funding options or loans?

We are always developing new products, so watch this space!

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